Dinoaur Excursion at last!

I apologise for the delay! I couldn’t attach any of the photos to the Blog post and couldn’t figure out why but it turns out there were some pesky video files attached witht the photos I had taken. I have deleted them now but you’ll have to look from the bottom to get the day in the correct order. Here we go!

We loved our excursion to Dinosaur World! The rain held off, giving us plenty of time to meet all the dinosaurs and prehistoric animals lurking in the park (the gloominess just added to the atmosphere!). We had a tractor ride and fed the geese, and also met Nibbles the baby T. rex and Wilson, the park’s walking, growling dinosaur! Our intrepid paleontologists were enthusiastic explorers as they learnt lots of dino facts and unearthed their own dinosaur skull in a fossil dig.  A huge thank you to our parent helpers, Tenielle, Julie, Brian, Ken and our wonderful Parent Rep, Emily, for helping to make the day such a great success!